I love small foods, especially having a toddler. I find that mini anything is usually the perfect size for B and somehow the shrunken item seems even more delicious.

I came across Trader Joe’s mini ice cream cones a few weeks ago.

 When I opened the box, I was really surprised just how small they were, but also excited. And I knew I had to DIY a little something to these! I had leftover candy melts from Christmas and random sprinkles sitting around.

I decided to dip them and sprinkle them that day for a fun twist for Bodhi (and let’s be honest… for a blog post too). Please keep in mind that I used what I had around, but you could make these SO cute if you picked up sprinkles and melts that matched a party or event. Perhaps the 4th of July? I was just wingin’ it!

Simply heat up the melts.

What an easy way to add a little fun to your next play date or family night outside. And of course, this would work with the big cones at any regular grocery store too, but these tiny ones felt special! For a fun ice cream sandwich twist, read last year’s fourth of July post.

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