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A backyard water park

Summer is upon us! I can feel it in the air, hear it in the laughter of all of the neighborhood children and smell it thanks to some amazing grill masters nearby!

Backyard water park

We spend much of our summer free time simply playing in our backyard. We refer to it as our own “backyard water park” when asking the boys what we want to do each day and their answer is nearly always “outside” or “play outside” or “swim”.

Backyard water park

When we know the entire day will be spent in the yard, we go all out. Neighbor kids always join the fun and the effort is so worth the joyful laughter and fun had.

Backyard water park

The recipe is simple! Use what you have. Ready for all of the fun and simple ideas? 

How to create a backyard water park for a weekend of fun!

Materials needed
Baby pool
Larger pool
Water table (if you have one), buckets or large bowls filled with water
Water squirters
Beach balls
Buckets, shovels, spoons and water toys
Anything else you have such as a slip and slide.


  1. Place pools and sprinklers in the spot you want them early in the day.
  2. Inflate and fill with water.
  3. Add warm water if you need to (we’ve had to a couple of times) or let the sun warm them up.
  4. Add a bucket full of water toys such as rubber duckies, spoons, mini buckets, shovels or beach balls. These are so much fun for the water table or bowls of water.
  5. Bring out a basket of beach towels and swim pants plus wipes (for easy changing).
  6. Bring out a basket of sunscreen (for reapplying).
  7. Grab beverages for all and let the fun begin!

With two little ones (one still in diapers) we love the ease of using swim pants plus wipes in the summer. I always bring several out for easy changing and for any impromptu guests. Throwing this together is an easy way to have an adventure in your own backyard and we’ve learned that we love it as much if not more than going to the local pool or splash pad.

Backyard water park

Huggies Little Swimmers currently have the sweetest Finding Dory characters on them. Let’s talk Dory-like adventures, shall we? Our kids are three years apart, but some things are simply fun for both of them. Our backyard water park is definitely that. They both play for hours and enjoy every moment.

Backyard water park

We can maximize our summer experiences with Little Swimmers, Dory and Huggies Natural Care Wipes right in our towel basket. They are adorable and Ezra always points at Dory and says “Fishy” with the biggest smile.

Huggies Little Swimmers are our choice because they are adorable with Finding Dory characters, functional with their easy-open sides and flexible since Ezra is VERY active this summer.

Backyard fun

I’m not going to lie. We use the Huggies Natural Care Wipes for EVERYTHING when we are outside. I literally wipe faces, hands, clean diapers, wipe the table down and more with these. Tossing them in the basket makes it easy to clean up any mess from fruit pops dripped all over to dirty diapers.

For worry-free water fun in the sun, look for Huggies Little Swimmers with new Finding Dory characters at a retailer near you, and follow swim pants plus wipes to download a coupon for $1.50 off your first pack of Huggies Little Swimmers – for a limited time – and find other Huggies offers.

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