I love getting creative for parties, for Christmas and for almost anything, but when it comes to Halloween costumes, I’m no good! I always go the store-bought route for my son and it’s usually nothing mind-blowing. I have a neighbor who has a sweet 1-year-old daughter who is adorable. Her daughter is going to be an awesome Cabbage Patch Doll from Etsy. I SO wish I had the drive and desire to find something like that. 

In the past I’ve been embarrassed by my complete lack of effort for Halloween, but this year I realized that it is what it is. This is just not my holiday. I’m actually already thinking about/planning for and buying things for Christmas and our very merry cocktail party, but for Halloween, I’ve got nothing. :)

Bodhi will be a store-bought dinosaur for Halloween and frankly, we chose his costume based on price and how cozy it looked since we live in Minnesota. Yes, we picked up the Old Navy dinosaur costume for $5 yesterday. You can’t beat $5, right? They still have a limited quantity in stores, mostly 0 to 12 month sizes only.

And this year we have an adults-only Halloween party in our neighborhood that has a reputation of being super fabulous. The costumes are amazing. Hubby and I will be something simple as I’m pretty unoriginal when it comes to costumes for us as well. My husband is actually good at coming up with ideas, but it’s usually too last-minute by the time we chat about it. I’ll be sure to share photos next week. :)

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Do you love Halloween? Do you get creative or are you a bit on the unoriginal side like me?

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