Summer Home Tour: A bright Front porch

Welcome to another round of A Coffee Date! I’ve been a bit absent around here lately for a variety of reasons, but I’ve been keeping a running list of all of the random and not-so-random things I want to share with you. I’m stopping by to do that today. Grab a cup of coffee (or green juice or tea or water or La Croix or whatever it is you love) and let’s chat a bit.

I just have to share…

The most comfortable sandals

A fun backpack for animal lovers

My favorite practical summer kid shoes

The cutest summer printables (they are from a few years ago, but they are new to me)

A great budget-friendly outdoor light fixture

Remember when my laundry room looked like this? It’s basically a big closet now. I need to take some time to get rid of all of the old baby clothes. So hard to let it go.

Super cute party hats

A clever DIY for marshmallow roasting sticks (I have the same ones from the Target Dollar Spot, but hers are way cuter!)

An emotional toolbox for mothers fighting cancer

A book for mother's fighting cancer

My dear friend lost her mother to cancer several years ago and recently set out to create a children’s book for mamas with ANY cancer. She wrote a book that families could use to talk about cancer with their kids, that they could personalize for their cancer journey. This 40-page hardcover book also has places to put in photos of their child and has ideas for activities to bond Mama with her children during the daunting emotional and physical journey upon them. She’s going to be stopping by later this month to share more, but please help spread the word about her Kickstarter as she is hoping to donate hundreds of books to families who could benefit from this. 

Facebook, politics and hard things

I’ve been struggling a lot with all of the dark and hard things on Facebook and in the news lately. I’ve made the conscious decision to remove Facebook from my phone and to get my news from sources I trust, rather than seeing the random things people post. The strong opinions, us vs. them mentality and the constant battles and people wanting to win arguments rather than understand really has me down. I’ve found myself feeling anxious and fearful for our world. I decided to take a step back and gain some clarity about life. It can feel like all of this darkness is everywhere and everything. But it’s not. There is light. There is love. There is peace. All of this does not mean I care any less. I’m just choosing when and where I get my information.

Prescription for healthy living
Green smoothies

I finally found an amazing primary care physician. At my annual physical this week, I received a list of things I need to do to live my best life. I thought I’d share. For me, it is increased vitamin D supplements (my vitamin d level was low-definitely talk to your doctor before increasing your own), increased probiotics, cardio and yoga (4+ days/week), more greens, less coffee (I’m down to one cup), meditation and/or prayer.

We are back to having green smoothies daily again (we’re only on day three). It is the easiest way to get loads of greens in an easy way and I love that my kids and husband eat more vegetables this way. Here are a few of my favorite ingredients I keep around for easy smoothies:

  • kale
  • spinach
  • chard/rainbow chard
  • cucumber
  • ginger
  • lemon
  • lime
  • frozen berries
  • frozen peaches
  • frozen cherries
  • oranges or clementines
  • apples
  • other fresh fruit

We use the Blendtec and get the smoothest smoothies and juices, but I’ve heard great things about the Vitamix too.

Blog Name Change

I’ve been debating about a blog name change for more than two years. While my original intent of “Live the Fancy Life” was to help inspire others to incorporate fancy things into their lives on a budget, I have found that I don’t really care about fancy anymore. I care about living a joyful, authentic, fulfilling life. I want to share easy, approachable ideas that anyone can do to make life easier, more fun, joyful and good. A name change will happen at some point, but I’m just in the beginning stages of this. I’ll keep you posted.

Fruitful Summer

Lara Casey’s Fruitful Summer series is a bright point in my week and I want it to be a happy spot for you too. Sign up here and you will get a gorgeous newsletter sent to your inbox each week with a simple goal. Highly recommend this.

How are you doing today? How is your heart? Sending love, positive energy and joy your way. 

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