I finally pulled the trigger on purchasing lighting for our kitchen island and eat-in kitchen table. This was a tough call that has lasted months and months. Or maybe I’m a slow decision maker. I have been struggling to find balance between having lighting that goes together in our open floor plan kitchen, eat-in, family room space and not being too matchy matchy. The image above made me less nervous to buy the fixtures I ended up with because worst case scenario, I will put two industrial lights with a drum shade now that I can see it works (like above). And by the way, I’ve searched for an image like the one I found above for a long time with no luck. What a day! Read on to see our picks.

Anyway, it was fate that today Bodhi and I walked into Pier One and found a really interesting light on sale for $68! I want/wanted something different, but something that would go with a drum shade light for our table. I just really didn’t want them to be matchy matchy. I know a lot of people pull off that look, but it wasn’t feeling right for our home. The other struggle I’ve been having is deciding on black or brushed nickel. We have a lot of brushed nickel in our home and I’ve read enough design blogs to know that it’s completely acceptable to mix black/oil-rubbed bronze with brushed nickel. But even though it’s acceptable, I just wasn’t sure. So, we are getting this one for our table. Several reviewers on the Overstock site said that it looks almost identical to this one from Restoration Hardware.


And the ones below will be for our island, for now thanks to a great deal at Pier One. :)

{via Pier One}

I did all the research and we can convert the Pier One fixtures very easily into hardwired fixtures. I also plan to get rid of the chain. Again, some homes look great with them, but not my style. The shade underneath is actually a slightly off-white drum shade, so PERFECT!

And, if it ends up not being perfect. I’m off to Lowes to buy these.


I’ll finally be able to share photos of our kitchen. We’ve lived here for more than six months now. It’s time!

I’m also pretty excited that the lights will match our inexpensive, yet awesome Ikea curtain rods. YEAH! You can see that I strategically cut off the image on the right so you wouldn’t see the horrible builder-grade fixture that is currently above our table.

Now I’m going to get all in a tizzy about rugs for the kitchen table and at some point I will need to tackle our completely empty formal living/dining room space that is currently used as a golf course and soccer field with the little guy.

See! This photo was taken April 28. We still have absolutely nothing in that room other than some cat toys.

{photos from Canary Grey Photography for Bodhi’s first birthday}

What home decorating decisions have made your head spin? Or, am I alone?