Today I’m excited to have my dear friend here sharing how she is trying to change the world one book at a time. Please welcome Aurora Whittet to the blog.

I used to think that because I wasn’t a doctor or a lawyer or a pastor that there was nothing I could do to help change the world. I was just an artist and an author. What could I really do to shape the world?

But one day when I was driving I started thinking of Tyson Cluever, a friend of mine from high school who had been diagnosed with brain cancer and had two little boys. She told me that all the books she found to help her children understand what was happening were for specific types of cancer, none for hers, and I realized there was something I could do to soften the blow of cancer on a family. So I set out to write and illustrate a children’s Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love, to help families communicate what it means for mama to have cancer. The book is personalizable for each mom with any type of cancer and is filled with activities that link to, giving moms a place to go for help and ideas. 
 A book for mother's fighting cancer
Mama’s Knight has been lovingly received by moms, pediatricians and family therapists. It is so overwhelming to see it come to life. It has been an emotional journey with Mama’s Knight, as I lost my own mother to cancer in 2013, so this project has a warm place in my heart.
Mama's Knight Kickstarter: A book for moms dealing with cancer
Mama’s Knight will publish in October 2016, I am running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to donate hundreds of books to mamas in need. I want to help as many families as I can, but I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Donate today!
Mama's Knight Kickstarter: A book for moms dealing with cancer
Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is an emotional toolbox that can help kids and parents communicate about what it means for Mama to have cancer. The book is filled with tools and activities designed to make coping with illness easier on both parent and child, and can be personalized for each child.
Please join the Kickstarter today or if you’re not able to help, please share the Kickstarter page on your own social media including Facebook. Your support is so appreciated. 

Mama's Knight Kickstarter: A book for moms dealing with cancer
“A cancer diagnosis affects the entire family, and discussing it with young children can be difficult in so many ways. Mama’s Knight is a delightful, interactive story that will help parents approach this difficult journey in a way that protects their child’s emotional health and strengthens their bond along the way.” — David Quale, MD, pediatrician
“As a counselor, I so appreciate the communication tools Mama’s Knight provides families. To be able to communicate with one another about the complicated emotions that go along with cancer will be a blessing to so many. I also loved the superhero helper cards, as they will build an amazing and needed spirit of support within the family.” — Michelle Craveiro, MA LMFT, family therapist
“Being a mom can be hard. Being a mom when you have cancer can be more than hard. It can be difficult and scary. I was just adjusting to having two children when my diagnosis threw us all into a tailspin. It was a challenge to find support for mom’s with cancer nearby and I wasn’t always sure how to speak to my children about the topic. This book, with its cute drawings and easy-to-understand story, helps break down any barriers to explaining cancer to a child. There are so many things cancer does to a person’s body, to their family, and having a resource for ideas to wade through the mess called cancer is a blessing.” —Tyson Cluever, mama fighting brain cancer.
“The day I found out I had cancer, I was terrified. I knew my outlook was the best anyone could hope for in this situation and I knew I was in very good hands, but there was one thing I didn’t know: How to tell my children. My boys were three and four years old when I was diagnosed. To them, Mommy was a superhero. Suddenly I was sick and I couldn’t do the things we used to do. It was so hard to say I needed to rest on my bad days when all they wanted to do was play and it was even harder to explain why in ways that they could understand. Aurora Whittet managed the impossible in Mama’s Knight, allowing us to have those tough discussions with our young children in a way that not only wasn’t scary, but could make it fun too. This book is a blessing and I hope it finds its way to all the mamas bravely fighting for their knights.” —Laurie Wetzel, mama fighting thyroid cancer
Aurora Whittet is a mama, an author, a national award-winning designer, a nerd, a wild red-haired barefoot dancer and a caregiver. She published her first Young Adult series The Bloodmark Saga and is now on the journey to publishing a childrens’ book while surrounding herself with like-minded mamas over on her site, The Mama Village