This post is sponsored by Lennar, the leading builder of quality new homes across the nation. At Lennar- Everything’s Included, offering the best value at an incredible price. Their homes demonstrate customer commitment by showcasing outstanding new construction and homebuilding excellence. Lennar asked me to share with you a bit about getting to know your new home community and community involvement. 

Lennar is one of the nation’s largest builders of affordable, move-up and retirement homes and has an “everything’s Included” platform. This is a great option for families looking to build a new home.

When we first walked into the model home in what is now our neighborhood, we laughed, assuming we could never afford a home here and thinking the homes were so beautiful. For a while, I doubted that we would actually be able to pull it off, but building new construction is possible and wonderful.

Many of you know that we built our home nearly two years ago. The experience of building was a good one and having a new home with nearly everything we want and our style is lovely. I could go on and on about why building new was perfect for our family, but I’m going to focus on something else.

The unexpected best part of building a new home with a builder in a development of new homes is community. We realized quickly after moving into our new home that this was a great place to live.

Neighbors get together regularly for women’s nights, men’s nights, family events, Trick or Treating for Halloween, Easter Egg Hunts (Saturday) for Easter and so much more. And when your husband’s car gets stuck in the driveway during an April snowstorm, you actually feel comfortable reaching out to neighbors for help.

FIVE ways to get to know your neighborhood community

  • Create an email list with everyone on it if there isn’t one already created. Our neighborhood “leader,” or “mayor” as some people call him, keeps this list up and welcomes each new homeowner to our neighborhood.
  • Host a neighborhood event. Last summer we had a driveway happy hour each week. This is a great low-stress way to get to know your neighbors. If you don’t want to coordinate the weekly happy hours, consider hosting just one on a Friday night in your driveway or on your deck. I’ve also hosted a ladies wine night and a ladies brunch with other neighbors as my cohosts.
  • Use a social media site like Nextdoor to keep up with your neighbors, keep track of neighborhood events and more.
  • Take walks, be outside and take a moment to actually greet people walking by. Be open to new friendships and relationships. So often, I think people forget to stop and actually converse with other people. It’s such an easy way to meet people, catch up and get to know your neighbors. Obviously, not everyone will be as open to it as most, but it’s worth the energy. It’s actually how I met one of my very closest neighborhood friends two summers ago. She and her son (who happens to be Bodhi’s age) simply stopped and asked us about our water table. Super close friends ever since.
  • If you have kids, go to your neighborhood park, take the time to chat with people and get to know people who live near you. From the first summer we lived here to now, the number of people we now “know” at the park is huge. We almost always run into someone we know fairly well or someone we’ve talked to before. It creates a lovely sense of community. Talking with people at the park is a way that Bodhi made one of his regular playdate friends. And I happen to adore his mom. Another great relationship formed by taking a moment to chat.

Your neighbors suddenly become your friends. Real friends. People you like and people who have kids who play with your kids. This is something we never had in our home in the city. While I’m sure some neighborhoods in the city are close-knit, our old neighborhood wasn’t and there were no kids Bodhi’s age within blocks as far as we could tell.

Bodhi will likely go to school with children two doors down. He might ride the bus with them. What a comfort this is to us and I love that it’s nearly as good as growing up in a small town like I did.

And it’s not just our neighborhood that is like this. A friend who built with Lennar in another Twin Cities suburb has a very close community, so close, in fact, that the women get together weekly.

And Lennar homes are simply beautiful.

Search for Lennar homes near you and perhaps you’ll find your forever home soon.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lennar Homes. The opinions and text are all mine.

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