Backyard patio fun

We’ve wanted a small space to eat outside since we bought our home. That dream became a reality last week with our tiny simple stamped concrete patio.

We had our patio installed and it was finally sealed two days ago. We purchased furniture over the weekend. We seriously considered splurging on what we thought we’d want long-term (this or this), but the thrifty side of us got the best of that decision. I just couldn’t invest in something expensive (and possibly long-term) without knowing how we’d use the space and with super young children who are certainly going to spill ketchup and fruit pops on any cushions we have.

We also felt like we wanted to start with more of a dining arrangement when the kids are younger. Maybe we’ll switch to lounge furniture later, but dining feels more practical right now.

In the process of deciding what we’d do, I found so many lookalike patio furniture items for way less money. I love the look of Pottery Barn, Serena & Lily, West Elm and more, but I couldn’t fathom spending $1000 on an outdoor dining table. Our indoor one didn’t cost that much. When I came across pieces that were very similar, I knew I had to share with you.  Ready to see some high and low priced lookalike items?

High and low priced patin furniture finds

High and low priced patin furniture finds

High and low priced patin furniture findsONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE | SIX | SEVEN | EIGHT

All the finds on the left are the lower priced options. You will not believe some of the prices on the higher vs. lower.

I actually think the lower priced lounge chair (number 9) looks way better than the higher priced one. That’s a bonus!

I found a few extras I simply loved that weren’t lookalike items! They are all fairly budget friendly and would add style and charm to your outdoor living space. I was really loving number two, but in the end, I knew it wasn’t truly my style even thought it’s just so chic!

Patio furniture extras


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