Sometimes I love to splurge on things if they are perfect, but generally, I’m pretty cheap. And we had to purchase a lot of light fixtures for our home over the past few months. We’re still not done.

Finding the balance between budget and beauty is tough.

The Jonathan Adler Parker collection is so so lovely! I was eyeing up the bronze ceiling light for our upstairs hallway for months.

But, finding this one with a similar look, but definitely less chic, for a fraction of the cost  was such a blessing.

Wyatt 3 Light ceiling mount ($74 online, but I got it during the 30% off sale for $51) from Menards

Jonathan Adler Parker Bronze ceiling light ($270) available online at many stores.

Someday we’ll upgrade some things, but with so many projects in the works and several unfurnished rooms, I love to save money anywhere I can, especially if I generally get the look I’m going for. Have you found a great deal on lights?

I also have a super chic light I plan to share with you soon that I got for a great price at Lowes.

The Young House Love collection at Shades of Light, very budget-friendly, will be in our home soon too!

Disclaimer: Affiliate link included. 

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