My little man loves bubbles. Don’t all kids? Well, after finding THE WORLD’S BEST BUBBLES at Target for 99 cents a few weeks ago, we’ve been having quite a few bubble parties.

There is nothing new or exciting about the fact that I discovered that playing with bubbles is fun. Or is there? I’m find that blowing bubbles with Bodhi is relaxing and stress relieving and even slightly meditative.

We blow them off of our upper porch which means there is nowhere for Bodhi to run to so he is safe and I’m worry-free. He loves it too. The bubbles blow for quite a distance so even just watching them go is fascinating. Oh yeah, the key element: have enough bubbles for everyone, even the adults. Yes. I  love to blow them too.

The day-to-day life with a toddler is so busy and fast and active and nonstop, that sometimes doing things like stopping to smell lilacs, or going on long slow walks or playing with bubbles is just the “break” a mama needs to recharge. Blow some bubbles today, my friends! Even if you don’t have kids.

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