I was the lucky recipient of Eat Drink Pretty’s $50 Bonfire Restaurant gift card giveaway and am sharing the love! Thank you so much to Jenna, the writer of Eat Drink Pretty, for the gift card and for informing me about Out of everyone who left a comment, picked comment number 10 to be our winner.

Kari wrote:
“My fancy sister, Meadow, is babysitting for us this weekend for Valentine’s Day! It’ll be our first time leaving our baby with someone for more than a couple hours! We’d use the gift card to have some dinner and cocktails! =) Also, I’d love an excuse to hang out on Grand- It’s been too long!”

Congratulations Kari!

Meadow actually submitted a photo of her and her nephew Griffin (Kari’s baby) for our celebration of love.

For everyone who didn’t win, check out our newest giveaway with Erica Loeks. This is a great opportunity to get gorgeous professional photos of you and someone you love.

Live the fancy life!