Hello! We are just getting back into the swing of things after a seriously wonderful weekend! Three-day weekends are so awesome. They make a huge difference for us. We are able to balance alone time, time with friends, family time and time to get things done around the house so much better than a regular weekend. I’m so grateful for this weekend as I feel much more “ready” for baby after getting a lot done around our house and yard (not that you can really ever be ready).

I thought I’d swing by and share the rest of the photos from B’s party. If you want to see more, check out my first post featuring the dessert table. Keep in mind that I took most of these photos hours before the party so it wasn’t all set up yet. I just noticed we only have two of the chairs at the kids table in this photo, but these are minor details, right? Enjoy!

After tossing a bunch of balloons on the floor for our New Year’s Eve kids party, I am now obsessed with balloons for parties. They are cheap, basic and take up a lot of space, but the best part is that kids just gravitate to them. They love them! Younger children go for the ones on the floor. Older children want the ones with strings. 

We had SO many wonderful children at B’s party. I think around 30 of his friends came. We are so fortunate that many of our close friends have children (and most are boys) who are Bodhi’s age. And Bodhi has some really great friends from school and our neighborhood. But finding space for 35 favor bags was tough. :) I filled the bags with simple fun things this year after attending a lot of parties recently with the same and Bodhi getting hours and hours of fun from them (Thanks Alexa!)… bubbles, dinosaur masks, mini dinosaurs, a few snacks/treats etc… and then the kids used the bags to put their dinosaur eggs from the dinosaur egg hunt. The bags are from Target’s Spritz line and I just added a cute and simple “ROAR” tag from Sarah Maiga Designs.

I’ve found that kids rarely use our photo booth items, but I still love putting one together just in case. This year, it was super simple. I used dinosaur masks and some clearance fabric on a wrapping paper holder like last year. It’s the easiest and least expensive DIY “photo booth” I’ve found. :)

I did get one photo of Bodhi, but he was moving (no surprise there, right?). Always on the go…

B had a really great day, but completely crashed during gift opening. This was the first year I completely forgot to tell people they didn’t need to bring gifts and let’s just say that our guests were incredibly generous. I think that experience was just a tad bit overwhelming for this birthday boy who was coming down from a sugar high.

I didn’t even get photos of our food or drinks, but I kept them so simple, I’m not sure a photo would be interesting.

The thought of having the new baby’s birthday party in the summer is so nice for me! I’d love to throw a super simple summer party—pools, sprinklers, a plant your own flower station, ice cream, snow cones and nothing else really! I feel like summer is so laid back and being outside is the preference of most kids, so a summer party could be very simple and fun.

That’s it! Bodhi is already thinking about what he wants his fourth birthday party theme to be. And he’s already planned out most of the baby’s first birthday party too. :) I LOVE that he enjoys it so much! Cheers to a new week!

p.s. We’re less than two weeks from our due date. We’ll keep you posted. :)


Paper products and dessert table backdrop design: Sarah Maiga Designs

Mini dinosaur cookies: Susan Howell of A Cookie Jar on Etsy

Green cake stand, Popcorn cups on dessert bar and ROAR cake topper: Oh Joy for Target. These are clearanced out now. There are several items left online and some in stores.

Birthday boy outfit: All the details are available on Oh Boy Style!