If you’re my Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram, you know that B started Montessori preschool a few weeks ago. And yes, he let me take his photo and even smiled. It was great! Leading up to him starting school, I was just excited for him. Two nights before he was to start, I got very weepy. Not just a little bit either. I would sob at any given moment and it took me at least 24 hours of this to realize that it was directly related to Bodhi starting preschool.

Can I be honest? I never understood those moms who posted how sad they are or how they cried watching their child get on the bus stop, even after having a child. But, I am and will continue to be that mom! I get it now. That big boy was a baby. Like, yesterday.

I was sad to say goodbye to my #TuesdayswithB that I had come to love. We spent every Tuesday doing fun things, going on adventures and completely and totally ignoring work. It was great. Now he would be in school every single day for half a day and I would work every day. To some, no big deal, but this had never been the case for him. He never went to any form of childcare.

I’ll be sharing a lot more about this experience. I have a draft written and just need to add in the fun exciting world of potty training that went along with all of this. Choosing a preschool for your child to attend is really hard. Bodhi is quite young to start preschool. We made the conscious decision to start him in preschool rather than send him to childcare in a toddler room for about nine months and then switch him over.

And three weeks later, so happy to report that we made the right decision for our son. He loves his school. He loves his teacher and he has a little crew of boys and a couple of girls he plays with. So happy. But I still get thrilled for the weekends. Nights when we can lighten up about bedtime, stay up late, enjoy a slow breakfast in the morning and take our time with everything. Hooray for the weekend!

Have a lovely one!

p.s. They grow up too fast.