I fear the days of capturing great happy photos of my toddler son are over. This is the best of what I got from a little puzzle/playtime photo shoot a few days ago. I feel like these images make it look like I was torturing him, but I swear I was just taking a few photos and asking him to “say cheese” like all other moms do. I’m happy I captured these though. I feel like he looks like such a big boy now. 

After a rough start, I decided to focus on the details-his little hands, feet and the puzzle.

We have a family photo session at our home in late June with Melissa Oholendt, so it will be interesting to see if he is fine with her taking photos. I think he will be. It’s just me he’s not a fan of when it comes to photography. He was totally happy looking at the camera on his birthday.

Do your kids despise the camera as much as B does?

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