Can I be honest with you guys? I’m having a hard time coming up with blog content this week. You see, it’s my baby’s birthday week. Two years ago today was my due date. It’s so surreal. That feels so long ago, yet I still find myself constantly saying to other new moms I see that “I just had a baby.” Um, I most certainly did not JUST have a baby. But it does feel that way. And we are in full-blown birthday party planning mode. So you may just get little hints of birthday party planning this week and I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts next week. :) Read on for the birthday boy’s outfit. 

I love kid birthday parties. They are my favorite thing ever! I especially love challenging myself to come up with inexpensive DIY options for party decor etc… This year there is a ton of it. I can’t wait to share what I came up with soon! The party is on Saturday! But today, I’m sharing Bodhi’s super simple birthday party outfit inspired by the party’s colors and patterns, but also inspired by the fact that he owns green pants. :)

Pants ($15) Old Navy on sale right before Christmas
Billabong toddler T-shirt ($28) Zappos but we actually found an American Apparel T-shirt for $16, so returned the Billabong one.
Black toddler cardigan ($26) American Apparel
Black and white checkered toddler VANS ($30) Zappos
Suspenders ($13) American Apparel but also available on Amazon

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