If slow and steady wins the race, I win! But we are definitely making progress in Bodhi’s new big boy room.

Since the last update, we have installed some new low-hanging wall shelves for books, picked up a vintage globe from a thrift store for $2.99 and an aqua lamp at the same store for $4.99, started to frame artwork for the gallery wall using frames we had, one new frame from Michaels (with coupons) and a few from a thrift store, added an airplane pillow case and purchased a few extra special goodies that are coming our way next week.

I decided to stick with the blue Target jersey-knit sheets due to price, color and incredible comfort. Because of that I splurged on one airplane pillow case from Pottery Barn Kids, appropriately titled Brody, a name that Bodhi is often called. The sheet set was out of our budget and I’m not in love with the softness. Bodhi does love to tell us about the airplanes, the truck that carries luggage and the helicopter, so the pillow case is worth it for entertainment value alone.

I painted Ikea hardware for the bed-based drawers that I don’t love at all. The Anthropologie hardware we splurged on for Bodhi’s nursery is no longer available online or in stores. I would love to find two more and call it a day, but that’s not going to happen so on to plan C. Unless one of you lovelies have two you want to sell me, that is. ;) As a reminder, I’m including a photo below. Do you own some? No? Darn. Well, I saw some good options at World Market recently for $2.99, so I may do something with those.

So much more to come. We have a lot of hanging and painting to do with the gallery wall, other art, a wall sconce in his reading corner, a special detail I can’t wait to share and the white airplane.

Do you like updates along the way? Or do you prefer to see it all in it’s finished styled beautiful shot glory, you know, the way it will be for all of one minute until the little man gets in there? Let me know.