via Buy Modern Baby with permission

Welcome to the NEW big blog world. Why new? Because I’m making it official. This will now be a monthly feature on Live the fancy life versus the randomness it was before. It will feature only my absolute favorite posts from others once each month. Let’s go!

My editor and friend Esther over at Buy Modern Baby put together a super cute post featuring ideas for Baby’s first Easter basket. I love these non-candy ideas even for my toddler. Stop by for tons of beautiful modern options. p.s. I just signed on as a contributor with Buy Modern Baby for the rest of 2013. Very excited to continue that wonderful work with Esther and Brandi!

The Housewarming gift in a jar over on This Little Life of Mine has made its way through Pinterest, but I wanted to share it anyway. We have new tenants/renters moving into our former home in early May and I can’t wait to make something like this to welcome them into their new home.

The DIY knotted yarn bracelets on Cupcakes and Cutlery are so cute and easy. I love “jewelry” that costs almost nothing. How fun! You could make them in many colors for a few pennies.

via Cupcakes and Cutlery with permission

This New York Times opinion story Living with Less. A Lot Less. got a ton of attention in the blogosophere recently, but I got it first from my sweet husband. We have been watching too many episodes of Hawaii Life and have been dreaming of simplifying. If you’re in Minnesota, you could benefit from our attempts to simplify/Springify in the coming weeks since moving to Maui is not in the cards right now. Watch Craigslist for TONS of stuff. :) Maybe I’ll link to it?

Alexandra’s post on Heart Love Weddings shares what a day in the life of a professional wedding blogger looks like. While my day is quite different from hers (she works more with submissions and vendors-I create content and photograph in my home), I appreciated reading this and feel like it captures some of the many details that go into just one simple blog post. p.s. Alex went to Making Things Happen with me in Watercolor, Florida in 2010. Love her!

zen habit’s post “How to stick to a habit when life falls apart” struck a familiar chord with me. My husband had a foot injury on Super Bowl Sunday which makes it nearly impossible for him to walk. And then after three weeks of “letting it heal” the doctor realized that he probably needed surgery. So, two weeks ago, the surgery happened. He was in bed with his foot up for a week. Pain meds make functioning even harder. We have a toddler. Not having two parents to chase a toddler around and to do all of the typical housework, cooking, shopping etc… has been crazy to say the least. And I took on too much work (including parties-one this past weekend at our house) during this same time period. I put myself in a position of feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. The point of this is not to complain about all that has happened, but to remind you/us/me to let some things go. I ended up buying everything for this weekend’s party instead of doing a ton of DIY cuteness and it saved me a lot of pain. And the party was a smashing success-not because of cute details, but because all of my neighbors came ready for a good time. I love them! I just sometimes need to give myself a break and let some things go even if it’s hard. Sometimes you are going to disappoint others but life happens. True and loving friends and family understand. I think. Maybe I’m giving myself a pep talk right now, but if you need it, please enjoy!

It’s ALWAYS better to do something small, than nothing at all. —House of Smiths

House of Smith’s posted 5 tips for a stress-free restyle: decorating one space at a time. I agree 100% with their  steps and approach. It’s hard to be patient and just focus on a wall or a corner vs. an entire room or an entire house, but that has definitely helped me from getting paralyzed with self-doubt, fear and too much inspiration! Yes, too much is possible, especially now with Pinterest.

Cheers to the official start of spring (even though it seems it will be weeks before we see temps above 35 degrees in Minnesota!