I played a teeny tiny role in one of my friends’ bachelorette parties on Friday night (she’s the gorgeous one in white-second from the left and in every single photo above)! It was so much fun not having to do everything and having so many other helpful creative friends (like the girls on the right above and one other sweet friend) do different parts! It was amazing to see all of our details come together even though we hadn’t seen each other’s work at all. Leah took the lead and this is what we came up with… Read on. :)

I was lucky enough to be involved and got to:

  • Make a fun banner for above the beverages
  • Create a couple of simple champagne drinks
  • Put together a photo backdrop and take photos during the party
  • Put together a lingerie clothesline for above the dessert table
  • Help set everything up

Here are just a few details for your viewing pleasure!


My friend Katie (second from the right) made this bachelorette banner! How talented is she? I’ll beg her to write a little tutorial for us, but she is one busy bee, so not sure that will happen.

And the bride-to-be’s sister Leah (top right) made this fun wreath which was the first thing you saw when you walked in the room. We suspended it from the ceiling. AWESOME!

I made the little lingerie clothes line using mini clothes pins and Valspar hot pink spray paint. We hung our gifts on the ribbon and voila! I also made the label for the champagne bottle and a few other things.

So, my banner didn’t make it in photos for a couple of reasons. First, there was an inappropriate-for-this-blog-word that was highly appropriate for this party on the banner. Second, the lighting combined with a mirror made it tough to capture how pretty it was. I’ll take a shot of the other very-appropriate-for-every-party-word on the banner at home in the next few days and will share it soon.

What did you do this weekend? I fear that this is one of the very last bachelorette parties I will attend as a semi-young woman. Most of my friends are married and having children. Did I mention that I’m 30? It’s that time, right? I do have one lovely, adorable, charming cousin who may allow me another opportunity to plan such a fete, but we shall see!

In other news, I’m hosting Christmas and have already started shopping. What’s wrong with me? I’ll try to hold off for a few more weeks before I start sharing my DIY details!

Have a lovely week!



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