We are more than 36 weeks along right now, friends. This pregnancy flew by and I really can’t believe we’ll have our second little guy here so soon. Look at that little face above! I can’t wait to see this sweet babe who is joining our family. Baby wearing is something I’m looking forward to in a big way with baby number two who is expected in less than four weeks! And the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is going to be a part of that experience for our family.

Baby wearing was a godsend for me with Bodhi. B was a very fussy baby during the witching hour and at several other times each day. He also took cat naps and I’m a person who feels much better and happier when I’m getting things done. All of that combined meant that having B in a carrier was the best option for our family. I know it’s not for everyone, but it was wonderful for us until he was a full year old and even sometimes after. Please note that our personal photos are from our time with Bodhi and are not images of the new Baby Carrier One. 

I have to share an excerpt from my post about celebrating the lasts with the BabyBjörn so you understand just how much it meant to us during Bodhi’s first year.

Originally published April 26, 2012

For months and months my son and I found our stride from maternity leave and beyond using our beloved BabyBjörn. No other carrier worked quite as well for Bodhi. He loved the Bjorn even though we also owned several carriers and slings. He took many naps in our apple green Bjorn and we used the Bjorn to comfort him during our difficult “witching hour” in the evenings. Walks with the Bjorn were our quiet time and the time my husband and I connected with each other and Bodhi. Bodhi grew and he grew and the Bjorn continued to be a comfort to all of us.

And our tiny baby turned into a bigger baby who turned into a crawler who turned into a walker and so it was over! One day I realized that we hadn’t used the Bjorn in a few weeks and it hit me, that perhaps, we were done using it. Perhaps I didn’t realize and appreciate the last time we used the BabyBjörn.

So, I did what any mom would do, right?!

I grabbed the Bjorn, put Bodhi in the car seat and headed to Target for our final Target trip in the BabyBjörn carrier. Bodhi was big at this point. He was almost 11 months old and was around 23 pounds and pretty tall as well. Bodhi still loved it. And I loved it, but we definitely got a few really odd looks from people. By the end, my shoulders felt like I had a bad sunburn and cramps at the same time, but still, I enjoyed every minute.

I put my hand on his belly on the outside of the Bjorn and held one of his now, not-so-tiny hands in mine as we perused the baby aisles and the grocery store side. Bodhi said “hi” to almost everyone, his current favorite word. I snuggled my face into his hair and enjoyed the feeling of contentment with my baby very very close to me and I knew at that moment, that there would have to be another baby someday. This couldn’t be my last time “wearing” a sweet little one.

I get teary reading this even today. Because our child was SO content in his carrier, it made the carrier one of our most used and loved baby items.

When I was wearing B, there weren’t as many discussions out there around healthy baby wearing for baby, specifically correct positioning to avoid hip dysplasia in babies. It’s a hot topic now and luckily B didn’t have any problems from it.

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is a new generation of baby carrier with plenty of options. There are four front and back carrying positions. The waist belt and padded shoulder straps provide ergonomic support to relieve pressure on parents’ backs and it’s suitable for children aged 0-3 years.

I received the new silver mesh carrier to review and give away. One of the big draws to the BabyBjörn for me is ease of use. All other carriers I have tried have been very difficult to get on with a baby alone (without my husband or others to handle the back straps). This carrier allows adjustments in the front just like the original BabyBjörn. This is important to me. It may not be a key factor for you, but is something to note. And the silver mesh looks and feels great.

For information on hip health in baby carriers, car seats, swings, walkers and other equipment, please visit I’m not going to go into the health details of carriers as I’m not an expert and there are plenty of reviews out there by doctors and bloggers who review items specifically for these things, all of which say that this carrier is a huge improvement with several positions meeting guidelines.

What I wanted to focus on was my experience with baby wearing and how excited I am to use the Baby Carrier One with the new baby. Overall, according to BabyBjörn, the Baby Carrier One complies with the recommendations of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to ensure an appropriate position for the child. Current recommendations do not promote front-facing baby wearing though. I just wanted to note that in case anyone doesn’t read the details.


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Disclosure: I received the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Silver Mesh for review. I did not receive monetary compensation in exchange for this post. I took this on because I was thrilled to offer a carrier to one lucky reader. #BabyCarrierOne #OneIsAllYouNeed