{This little guy is on the move and he’s practicing his throwing skills

I recently found a few things that I wish I knew about months ago. I thought I would share these lifesavers with you over the next few weeks! Today’s featured item is something we plan to order again soon.

Booginhead Sippigrip

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This product, the Booginhead Sippigrip, is so simple and yet so effective! It’s a strap to hold your child’s sippy cup to a surface. We use it to hold Bodhi’s bottle, sippy cup or teething toys to the high chair, carseat or stroller. Available on for $5.99, this product is worth every penny. 

It means less broken cups (we’ve had three sippy cups destroyed by Bodhi practicing throwing before we discovered the strap last week), less dirty teething toys (it’s especially gross when it’s a mesh teether holding frozen fruit and it hits the ground of a park or somehow picks up cat hair), and less up and down time for mom, dad and anyone else.  It also means when Bodhi accidentally drops his bottle in the carseat, I don’t have to reach back for it. He has learned to pull the strap to reel it in.

When I first discovered it, I came home and told my husband and his parents. His parents take care of Bodhi a couple days each week and we all thought that it was such a great invention and also very obvious, but somehow, someway, we never thought of it. We just went about breakfasts, lunches, dinners, walks dealing with the bottle and sippy cup being thrown onto the ground, not knowing if the object would survive and if it did survive (many didn’t), if it would be usable again without a good sterilization (usually not).

What fabulous baby and toddler items have you discovered that make life just a little easier?