The celebration of love continues and I hope the next three beautiful photos start your weekend off right. They make me smile and melt. My friend and colleague Ashley submitted photos of her amazing family. The way Ashley talks about her family makes me so excited for my future family with my husband. She is so in love with her husband Nathan and her two daughters, Stella and Yeni. Read on for all of the fabulous details.

Baby love—Yeni and Ashley

“Yeni is my first baby love. The moment I saw her for the first time was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life,” Ashley said. “It was complete happiness and joy—perfection!”

Editor’s note: Yeni is one of those children that just seeing her laugh and smile completely makes your day. She visits work sometimes and I could literally follow her around our cubicle maze for hours because she is so cute, sweet and a very funny little girl.

“It’s true what parents say, I would do anything for my daughters,” Ashley said. “Their sadness is my sadness, their joy is my joy. They are love.”

Sister love—Yeni and Stella

These girls love each other so much. They make each other laugh (and cry). Yeni has named all of her baby dolls “Stella.” And Stella gives Yeni big drooly kisses.

Daddy love---Nathan and his girls

“I remember my friend telling me that seeing her husband with her children made her love for him grow even deeper. She was so right. Nathan is an incredible dad,” Ashley said. “These kids idolize him. And for everything he does for them, I do too. He is a dad that is always there—from playing blocks, to watching the dreaded Teletubbies, to changing the never ending cycle of diapers.” Now that is love!

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