I love being on the go. Before B was born, I was never a homebody in any way and even now, I prefer to have plans with people, doing things. But, we’ve been so busy lately with weddings (so many, and I love weddings), gatherings with friends and family, dinner plans, work conferences on a Saturday and in my spare time, I’m trying to help plan a really awesome shower for the sweetest friend and a big party over the holidays. I’m tired. I’m behind on laundry. My home is a disaster. I’m behind on work. And I’m way behind on the most important things, our fall family traditions.

We haven’t been to an apple orchard or a corn maze. We haven’t taken any “crunchy” walks as Bodhi and I call them, walks in a park with crunchy leaves everywhere. I haven’t taken Bodhi to the Arboretum for fall photos (photo above from last year), a tradition I was hoping to continue. We haven’t enjoyed apple cider. We finally baked with pumpkin last night, the best pumpkin cupcake recipe ever. I haven’t bought or burned any pumpkin candles. I haven’t picked up a new pair of boots or a cozy warm sweater for fall yet. And we don’t even have B’s Halloween costume. I’m sad that the busy-ness of life has taken over important things for my little family because I let it.

This weekend is the first weekend in almost two months when we don’t have any plans. I need to sleep in, have a late movie night with my boys, get out to do some of the fun fall activities as this is kind of our last chance, catch up on stuff at home and recharge. I also need to clear out my office. It is filled with boxes of fun stuff from companies, all good stuff, but stuff everywhere.

We’re starting tonight. My hubby is coming home early so we can carve pumpkins with a really cool tool. I’ll be sharing our pumpkin carving adventure on the blog plus a giveaway tomorrow.

Do you ever let life get too busy? How do you make sure you have the time you need to recharge?

Family photo by Gina Zeidler Photography