We’re back. And still coming off of some serious jet lag. Jet lag with children is something else, I tell ya! But I’ll save that for another day.

I feel like I have so much to share with you all! From trip photos and stories to some personal news and parties that I still haven’t posted, February and March will be big around here. And then we head into party-planning mode for a little someone special before baby arrives in early June. I think these next four months are going to fly. We’re already 22 weeks. For me, this second pregnancy has went fast. Too fast.

Today I want to share a few interesting observations and photos from our travels in Sri Lanka. 

I’ll be sharing all kinds of travel goodness soon, but here are a few things I found interesting:

  • Sri Lanka is diverse in religion. From Buddha statues and Jesus statues everywhere to Hindu and Muslim temples, the country is rich in religion and the religious buildings are quite beautiful.
  • Traveling with a toddler can be completely wonderful and joy-filled and can be challenging, stressful and frustrating just five minutes later. We learned to be very flexible on this trip.
  • Elephants are beautiful and their trunks are crazy strong. Bodhi fed a huge elephant fruit and we watched the babies drink their morning milk. So sweet!
  • There are stray dogs everywhere in this country and the dogs are really good at not getting hit by cars and tuk tuk’s (three-wheeler taxis). The first time I saw a dog, I held my breath praying he/she wasn’t going to get hit as it walked on the road. They don’t.
  • Jet lag makes Bodhi sleep. Yes, our boy who really tries to avoid sleep, still doesn’t make it completely through the night without us etc… could sleep anywhere. I’ll be doing a short blog post titled “Places B slept” soon as we had some pretty hilarious moments.
  • I love my husband beyond words! Having so much time as a family was wonderful!
  • With the exception of maybe Hawaii, Sri Lankan beaches are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. And before Bodhi, my husband and I were big beach vacation people. Every day of the beach portion of the trip, I was wishing I had purchased a better lens for landscapes. All of my photos were shot with a 50mm which really isn’t ideal for beach photos or landscapes in general, but here you go anyway. :)
  • My child is so happy in water! We’re going to start swimming lessons and plan some fun vacations (even just in MN). Yes, that white stuff is his sunscreen. I went a little overboard on his Honest Company sunscreen just to be sure. He still got tan, but no burns.
  • I think it’s cultural, but people in Sri Lanka are SO kind to children. Even Sri Lankan Airlines seriously catered to Bodhi and the other kids on the flight. It makes traveling within the country really nice. You don’t get any nasty looks from people when your child is being wild, melting down or ever really. It’s all positive kind attention. Everyone was giving him small gifts, patting his head, stopping to talk specifically to him etc… So nice! He was never ignored.
  • No one uses carseats. No one but foreigners that is. Babies sit on their mother and father’s laps in the front seat of cars. I bet people thought we were ridiculous lugging around our giant convertible seat, but I felt so much better having it with once I experienced driving in Sri Lanka. It’s intense to say the least.

I could go on and on. There were so many wonderful experiences and a few challenging ones. Isn’t that how travel and adventures should be though?

The biggest conclusion that I come to after almost any travel experience is that no matter how much you travel, coming home feels so good. I missed having daily contact with my friends for sure. Thankfully Tiffany kept in touch a bit on Instagram or I would’ve missed her something fierce!

So grateful for wonderful friends to come home to (even if “come home to” just means texting, emailing, google hangouts and phone calls). B is so happy to be home and just wants to play with all the neighbor kids. He keeps crying when we drive by G and A’s house (two doors down) because he wants to play with them. Ha! Can’t beat our neighborhood, that’s for sure.

How are you doing? Any upcoming travel plans with or without kids?