If you stop by pretty frequently, you may remember this post in which I declared my final choices for light fixtures for our kitchen island and table in an open floor plan. I went back and forth from January 2012 until we made a purchase in October because I wanted something bold but also didn’t want the fixtures to match, but rather just coordinate. That’s harder than it sounds when it comes to lighting on a budget.  

We bought this awesome, huge double drum shade pendant from (photo via Some of you told me this was your personal favorite. It was mine too. We loved it! It was even larger and more dramatic than I expected. Perfection! And then we hung it. Uh oh! Not what I wanted. And while it was priced well for what you got, it wasn’t as budget friendly as some others that I had looked at.

It also gave off a warm very dim light that would be lovely for dinner parties, but wasn’t right for our active busy family. And finally, it was simply too large for the space and kind of blocked the sight line from the kitchen to the family room, not exactly what you want in an open floor plan. It took me days to really make up my mind and admit to myself that I made a mistake. But I finally decided it wasn’t going to work.  The light was not returnable and we also paid an electrician to hang it plus hang two pendants above the island to go with it, so it was a tough one to swallow.

But, I told my husband and came up with a plan. Luckily, this girl is always thinking! We needed something in our office and you see our office immediately when you walk in our home  because it has two french doors. You absolutely NEED (k, probably just want) a lovely fixture in there, right? The rod on the double drum shortens and when hung high, the light is much brighter because you get light from the bottom with a frosted diffuser, so voila! We had our new office light. Photos coming soon. And we could return the pendants above the kitchen. So, back to the drawing board.

Luckily, the drawing board was actually a Pinterest board and I had one light fixture on there from the beginning. I should have went with my gut, but we live, we learn, right?

So, here it is! We finally ended up with the West Elm Capiz and we scored it when it was on sale for 20% off. I always thought clear pendants could look very chic with our white kitchen, so that’s the direction we went and I finally really love it! 

Unfortunately it was very gloomy out when I took these photos, so it was tough to get a great bright crisp shot.

The capiz fixture is really beautiful and gives off great light. While it is still large, like I wanted, it is more airy and natural, so it blends in more. LOVE!

West Elm Capiz ($240 on sale, originally $299)
Pendant Lights ($160)

Disclaimer: One affiliate link included.