Thank you!I published a post yesterday that felt scary to me.

Friends, I’m blown away by all of the comments, Facebook comments, private messages, emails, texts and even phone calls from all of you after yesterday’s post.

Can I be honest? I see you. I see my numbers and I see you are all here, but I don’t know who you are.

There you are. Now I know. Thank you! Thank you offering me love and grace and kindness after a vulnerable and very personal post.

Thank you for sharing your stories of struggle and pain and mothering with me. Thank you for simply being here. Thank you!

All those posts out there about moms judging each other and mommy wars might have some truth, but here… here there is just support and love. Thank you!

I’ll be back to my regular posting soon, but you are going to be seeing a whole lot more reality here. Thank you for showing me that sharing can be scary and the right thing at the same time. So much love and peace to you, you lovely lovely souls!

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