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So, before I get to the winner of the Tiny Prints giveaway, I have to tell you that I decided to literally draw out of a hat vase. So many of you followed all of the directions, but because your comment included all three options for entering in just one comment, I  couldn’t use without giving you all your fair share of chances. :) I will have a fancy new giveaway widget soon which will make it MUCH easier on all of you and me!

So, if you left a comment, you got one chance. If you left a comment and liked Tiny Prints and Live the fancy life on Facebook, you got two chances and if you also tweeted, blogged or shared it on Facebook, you got three chances.

Here is how it went down. First, I cut out all of your names and put it into my vase. Pretty colors, huh?

Then I sat it on a table and gave Bodhi a step stool. His first reaction was to grab the glittery tree. Oops-the official drawing guy is distracted…until…

But of course, as soon as I moved the vase full of colorful paper near him, he got soooo excited-almost too excited. I barely got my camera up and ready by the time he was ready. Fortunately, he grabbed a few which gave me a second to get it together. I told him, “just one” and he said, “just one, mama”! So sweet…

And he picked a winner! Can you tell who it is? If not, this should help. Or are you still stumped because my handwriting looks like a 7-year-old boy wrote it?

The winner is Sally! Congratulations!

You will receive an email from me shortly with the details.

A huge thanks to all who commented and shared this giveaway. I promise to have many more great giveaways to come. And a special thanks goes out to Little Man for being the Official Drawing Boy. That boy’s got talent!


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