Easy fashion for busy moms

Why on earth am I sharing my Alt Summit outfits with you today? To inspire. And it’s not because they are amazing. It’s because they are approachable for most women with almost any body type. Most fashion is not. I’ll be sharing my shopping sources soon (especially that black and white striped shirt on the top left as it’s SO comfortable, cute and on sale right now!).

I’ve also found some great shoes that have made my life simple. I got rid of loads of shoes that were uncomfortable or I would wear rarely and only kept things I love. Chic, practical mom shoes! Yes, mom shoes!

Salt Lake City Utah

I have finally embraced my personal style. After years of trying to be trendy, I have found that I am fairly classic with just one or two trendier pieces and I’m embracing this fact. I will not be the first to wear some new fun style of shoe or change denim styles with the season. I keep it simple and I’m ok with that.

The best shoes for moms

My looks almost always include a necklace, simple earrings and shoes I love. I often wear black or white and simple denim, typically skinnies plus great comfortable shoes. Ready to see them? 

Juggling life as a work from home mom

Today I want to focus on sharing a few shoes secrets. I have found two styles of footwear that are perfect for the playground. They are easy to chase kids in and keep sand out. They are chic but completely practical.

I have also found two styles of shoes I love for a slightly more dressed up look.

My favorite shoes for moms

Converse Shoreline

These shoes are my absolute favorite shoes for spring, summer and fall. They are easy to get on as they are slip-ons, look stylish and are totally practical and approachable for all women. They come in tons of colors and patterns. I own red and white, but have my eye on this soft grey pair for spring too. These shoes are not only great for daily wear, school drop-off, playdates at parks and running errands, but they also make fabulous travel shoes as they are easy to get on and off at the airport security lines.

Ankle booties

I have larger calves, so not all ankle booties work. The two pairs I show here are incredibly comfortable, not too high and look cute on women with different leg sizes as they are wider at the ankle. I own the camel colored pair and I own the grey one above, but in black. Love them both!

Open toe ankle booties (also known as shooties, but I just can’t use that word)

I haven’t picked up a pair of these yet, but my fabulous neighbor Ashley pulls these off well. I have my eye on these two pairs. They will be fun for summer, but easy to wear even when the kids are with. The camel pair with the zipper is my favorite so far. The brown pair is pretty cute too! This height of heel is about as tall as it gets for me these days.

Hunter boots

I know these are a splurge, but I’ve owned my lavender shiny pair for two seasons and they are the kicks I throw on nearly every day for running to grab the mail, school drop-off or pickup and so much more. They are comfortable, stylish and come in a variety of colors. They never let water or sand in so can be used all the time! You can get good sales on these from time to time on the Hunter website too and right now there are tons of options on sale. May I recommend you splurge on these for yourself and never regret it? Highly highly recommend. They will last you years and you will never have to question whether or not you should go puddle jumping with the kids. You will just do it!

Spring boots for moms

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