Alt SF was an intense, busy, whirlwind two days filled with fun, learning, amazing food and drinks, great conversations and many many taxi rides.

My mind is still racing. I am so inspired and want to make some changes in the way I work, but I’m also a bit overwhelmed with all of the love, ideas, inspiration and people so still need some time to process everything. All photos were sponsored by Atly and belong to Alt Summit. They are used with permission

The thing that surprised me most about Alt SF was that I actually didn’t meet that many people. I ended up naturally spending most of my time with five or six people, most who attended the Acura dinner, and had some great conversations with another 10 or so. Given that, I’m excited to introduce you to a few really lovely blogs by people I actually got to chat with beyond “Here’s my business card.”

Amber and Nick of Wills Casa were two of my favorite people at Alt. Read Nick’s take on Alt here.

I also loved all of my time with Courtenay from Love Court xoxo, Christine (who wrote a really fun Alt recap post) from Life in a Dress, Timmi from Pink Mom Blue Mom, Laurel from A Bubbly Life and Jacqueline from bonjour jacquline.

I sat next to Leah from Freutcake during the conference. I look a little intense, but someone fabulous was probably teaching me a major life lesson at that moment. We also shared a taxi back to our hotels before the Alice in Pinterland party. She’s super sweet and definitely one of the most adorable bloggers I’ve met. 

I also got to meet and chat with Caryl of Roar Events, Pam from Project Nursery, Melissa of Savvy in SF, Reichel from Copy Cat Chic (she’s a vegetarian too and had some great restaurant recommendations), Anne from The City Sage, Lani from Elle Dee Designs, Kasey from Turntable Kitchen and more, but these were a few who I spent more than two seconds with. I also realized that I don’t know many bloggers and definitely don’t know what they look like. There were several who I read, but until they told me who they were, I had no idea.

The keynote speakers at Alt were very inspiring and the panels were amazing. I want to share a few of my favorite quotes from the panelists and speakers.

When creating content, nothing is original. Accept it, get over it. See your own strengths & make it your own –Rena Tom

Courage. An idea rarely works on its first try. –Mariam Naficy, Founder and CEO of Minted

Not talking numbers with people in your industry only benefits those outside your industry. –Lane Becker

These people were very inspiring and very practical at the same time. More to come on the conference and learnings.

The Alice in Pinterland party was a lot of fun. I’ll be sharing a few details later this week! In the meantime, if you have any questions about my Alt experience or about blogging, feel free to email me. I’m an open book.

If you follow me on Instagram, you were inundated with updates including a fun little encounter with Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann while waiting for a taxi outside of Pinterest headquarters. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers!

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