As I mentioned on Friday, we had a big dinner party on Saturday night with my in-laws, their family and lots of friends! Sri Lankan dinner parties are SO. Much. Fun! Besides way too much great food (See below-this was just half of the buffet and didn’t include dessert, appetizers or beverages), everyone always comes ready for hours of good conversation, laughing and singing/dancing. Lots of it! Read on to see some details I threw together using items I had around the house.

As my husband’s uncle said on Saturday. “A Sri Lankan party is not complete without a sing-song (AKA live music, singing and dancing)!”

And Bodhi definitely got in on the action. He stayed up way past his bedtime playing, dancing, clapping, shaking hands and finally, falling asleep on his grandma’s shoulder before we put him to bed.

I wanted to share a few simple details from Saturday’s party. Other than fresh flowers, I used things I had around the house for all of the decor.

I picked up a lot of flowers at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. I love the look of farmer’s market flowers and the prices can’t be beat.

I also finished up the table runner I told you about here. Actually, I had enough fabric to make three of them. That is the positive thing. On the flip side, the fabric stripes were not as large and bold as expected, but I think they still work.

I really only need one for our main family room table, but it was great to have matching runners throughout the house.

I’ve learned that there are certain items that are totally worth investing in when it comes to hosting. For me, it’s my mercury glass candle holders, all of my wedding vases, my Ikea menu holding frames and this glass beverage server. I use these things for almost every party I host.

Our menu designed by Shana at  Belva June.

I always try to create a nice looking display for silverware. It’s getting hard to come up with something original. I tried searching Pinterest for inspiration on Friday, but other than one sweet thing that I would like to use for an upcoming party I’m planning for a client, I didn’t find anything unique. You’ll have to wait a bit to see the cool idea I found though. The party is in mid-August.

I think my next go-to items to purchase will be attractive folding chairs. Know of any? Otherwise, I may do this:

Again, thank you Pinterest!

What are your go-to items for parties?