As a part of Alt SF, I went to an “Alice in Pinterland” themed party at Pinterest headquarters. It was awesome! You can see the shared Pinterest board that I’m a part of for more photos.

The greeting was lovely! 

Pinterest headquarters is a super cool space. And their employees were wonderful hosts.

I’m a nerd. See above. On a side note, bangs are tough. Amber does a much better job with them.

A little shot of all of the stylish bloggers above. While it was intimidating in some ways, there was such a variety of styles that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I still do really love my simple Madewell Chambray dress though. :)  I definitely went simple for the conference and everything I wore are things I will easily wear again and again. 

I feel the same way about the business cards. It is so hyped up before you go that you get serious anxiety trying to get it all worked out and then you get there and while there are some AWESOME cards, there are lots of great ones that are not anything DIY or made from 14k gold. Simple design. Beautiful printing. That’s all you need.

And no party is complete without dessert and candy, right?

This photo space was really fun.

Great cupcakes.

So, that’s all folks. Pinterest was really cool. I met the CEO while waiting for a cab outside the building. Thank goodness Amber was willing to ask for a photo because I TOTALLY wanted one too. And yes, I got one. Worth it!

Now pin something to Pinterest. K?!

All photos were sponsored by Atly and belong to Alt Summit. They are used with permission.