We have been spray painting everything around here! It’s such a quick and easy way to change things up for just a few bucks and a little time on a Saturday afternoon while the little guy runs through our home-made splash pad. I want to share two of our many adventures in spray painting with you today. 


Project #1:

We found the white pots on über sale at Lowes and we liked the shape, but we were really looking for a darker color for our front porch because we have a lot of white trip. So… we bought the pots on sale and spray painted them in less than an hour to get the black pots we really wanted!

Project #2:

We had this wicker bench on our front porch from our old house, but the brown really doesn’t work with our grey house, white trim and porch and yellow front door. The photo below is after we started priming it with Valspar indoor/outdoor primer spray paint.

Reminder to self: Take before photos BEFORE you start.

Two thin coats of white spray paint later and voila!

Now we just need some bright colored cushions to go on clearance and this will work beautifully on our upper porch. A fresh new look that works with our home for $3!

You can see the new and improved bench on the upper porch just a bit.

So many more adventures in spray painting to come. We just finished fixing up our sofa legs Young House Love style, repainted our mirror from above the fire place (because we finally bought fabric to make 10 curtain panels for our family room and the teal color wasn’t cutting’ it) and painted a bunch of frames for our Foyer gallery wall using frames we’ve had sitting around for years.

We also made a BIG mistake dying some curtains recently, so I plan to share our big #FAIL with you soon. Hint—we now have a pair of bright orange curtains with nowhere to go.

And while our venture into unexplored territory was a failure, spray painting continues to be a safe, easy and inexpensive improvement for many things. I LOVE all that you can do with spray paint for just a few dollars. What are you working on this summer?