I got the idea of putting together a fun and practical housewarming gift from This little life of mine when she shared a post featuring a “housewarming gift in a jar.” I thought it was so cute and thoughtful and I wanted to do something similar for the new tenants at our old home. 

I put together a few of my favorite things (paper straws, green tea, a candle and Izze’s) and a few practical things for when you first move into a new home (paper towels, a quick and easy meal, cleaning supplies and hand soap) to greet them when they move in.

This has been a simple, affordable and fun way to welcome someone into their new home.

I love watching for great deals on fun items to add to the basket.

The one negative of this particular basket from Target is that it’s a bit tough to get everything to sit in there in a pretty way. But, overall, I’m super happy with how it came together. Now I’m hoping to find a lovely free printable to add to the basket. I’ll share with you if I find something great.

I hope this little basket will lighten the load for our new renters because moving is stressful. Plain and simple. What things have you found to be necessities when you first move?

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