My neighbor (just two doors down) and I hosted the rest of the women in our neighborhood for a brunch a couple of weekends ago. Planning it with a super fun, creative and realistic lady was awesome, but enjoying the day with her and so many other fabulous women was even better.

To ensure that we too could enjoy the day, we kept the brunch very simple with a few special touches and used mostly store-bought decor (probably for the second time ever for me) which made things very easy. Flowers in Oh Joy for Target cups were the main decor and were the party favors. We still had a good foot of snow on the ground so flowers definitely make home feel springy.

I also took hardly and photos. I missed the food, the people and more, but it was more fun this way. This party convinced me that I need to invest in some white folding chairs, but thank goodness my cohost had plenty of chairs.

The bright colors were fun to work with!

 It was important to us that every guest could sit to eat brunch and we almost made it. I think we were two or three chairs short, but when the cohost and I got up, it all worked out fine.

Megan, the fab cohost, came up with a really great strawberry, lemon, basil mimosa recipe. I even enjoyed it with just sparkling water. So good! And with two pregnancy announcements made at the brunch plus two of us who are obviously pregnant (as in, our bumps are large), I was glad we had some great nonalcoholic options.

Just add sparkling wine or sparkling water. Yum!