If that headline doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what does!

While this post might not be the most inspiring or beautiful, it is very practical. With a little guy running all over the place, we had to install a cat door going to our new basement so we had no risks of Bodhi falling when someone forgot to shut the door. I had many nightmares about this during the first week or two in this house before my AMAZING uncle came and installed our cat door.

Our challenge: Find a cat door that would fit a paneled door and would blend in.

The solution: The cathole!

I painted the door (the cat door, that is) before my uncle came over, using Valspar indoor white spray paint. My uncle cut the shape into our door using the outline provided by the cathole manufacturer. Within 30 minutes, our door was back up and ready for the cats to use and for this mama to take a nice deep breath and relax a bit.

See all of the paw prints? That is from the unfinished basement floor-an unexpected pain in the booty—a floor painting project is coming soon!

While practical projects may not be the most fun or bring on the wow factor, they do make life a lot easier… and now we know that this boy is safe from harm!

A special thanks to my uncle Ron and his lady friend, Mandi! They are always here when we need them for these house project where we lack some skill, tools or both! What projects made the difference in your world?

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