Hello and happy Monday! After a week off celebrating my 32nd birthday, working on our nursery, enjoying time with my family and getting things done for a fun new venture launching soon, I am back sharing a bit of what’s going on over here. We are in the middle of a ton of projects and more. First off, see those cute diapers? We are in full-blown baby prep mode which means we are purchasing and organizing all kinds of baby gear.

We are 30 weeks now so while I’m not stressed quite yet, I am very ready to get things done in preparation for baby. We have also been on a Craigslist binge! We’ve been selling furniture, kids stuff and all kinds of other things left and right to make room for baby and to simply clear the clutter.

Before I show you all kinds of things we’re doing, I wanted to share a few small updates.

  • I just signed on as a contributor with Momtastic! I’m thrilled to be working with this fabulous site and am so excited to expand my freelance writing work. I’ll be sure to share my posts as they are published.
  • I’m launching something pretty awesome (if you ask me) soon and I can’t wait to share it in the coming weeks. Watch for an announcement here. :)
  • Baby is due in 10 weeks. TEN weeks! This pregnancy has gone by so fast.
OK, here we go.

The nursery is painted! And my hubby and I hung our first light fixture without an electrician over the weekend. It’s actually VERY easy and saved us some money, so a definite plus. The wall color is Valspar’s Lake Breeze and the light fixture is the Ikea Hektar light. It is VERY oversized, but it has a cool industrial vibe we love. You can see our most recent design board here, but keep in mind, I’ve already changed the plan up quite a bit. B’s nursery was completely done, photographed and shared by this point in pregnancy so we are a little behind for sure.

We pulled all of the new baby’s things into his closet. They were scattered throughout the house. Here is a small selection featuring some of my very favorite things. His first pair of moccs are in the Freshly Picked bag. All of the other things are from H&M. The jeans are my favorite, followed by the cute little bibs (sold out, sadly). The Batman shirt makes me happy and I’m all about cardigans on little boys. We just got the sweet “It’s Time to Sleep, My Love” book from one of my closest friends. We have two other books by the same author. They are beautifully illustrated and written.

With this baby, I’m all about the accessories. It’s just so much fun! We have a ton of hats already! I’ll be honest with you. Bodhi lost all of his top hair after his first month and had a not-so-flattering hair style for the first 6 months of his life. This could be the case for baby boy #2 as well so I wanted to be prepared with some cute hats. Plus, I just love beanies on boys!

I’ve also been trying to finish up projects on my house to-do list that have been there forever. The foyer gallery wall had become kind of a mess. I kept changing pieces out and it was just a disaster trying to fit it all back together. I decided to go with picture ledges and layer tons of white frames together. You can see that I don’t actually have the frames filled yet, but I love how much easier this will be to change things out as our style changes, by season or as we get new family or kiddo photos.

Sorry the photos are SO dull, but it’s a very gloomy day here today and natural light is scarce.

I’m also in the middle of planning out two parties. I’m hosting a simple neighborhood brunch on Saturday with one of my favorite ladies. Our neighborhood is amazing as I’ve said SO many times. I can’t wait to catch up with all of the ladies in our ‘hood before this second little guy arrives and my time is limited.

My cohost and I decided to go really simple for this brunch which is great practice for me. I’m trying hard to get over the need to go all out every time I have a friend or two over. It’s ridiculous, time-consuming, stressful and expensive. This will be a perfect little springy get-together. And who doesn’t love brunch?

I’m also planning B’s THIRD birthday party! He’s such a big boy!

Last, we finally finished Bodhi’s bedroom a few weeks ago. I just need to take a few minutes to photograph his new room and the new playroom for you. I’ll be sharing soon.

What are you up to lately? Do you have spring fever in a bad way like I do?