I co-hosted a dragon themed baby shower on Saturday for a sweet friend. It was a lovely day with a sit-down lunch, great food, conversations and simple but tasty desserts. We hosted it at my friend’s home and cleared all of her furniture out as we had our minds made up that we were doing a sit-down meal with 15 to 20 people one way or another. It all worked out. 

I’ll share the full shower soon, but wanted to give you a quick look at a few of our details and since it’s Halloween week, a dragon shower feels like the right fit. :)

My co-host came up with the shower theme and general color scheme and from there we both worked hard at our pieces of the puzzle. It always amazes me when things come together with two different people working on different parts of an event. Somehow, if you have a good partner, it works out. How was your weekend?

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