Hello and happy new year! I survived the below zero 5K race yesterday, and actually thrived. It was SO MUCH FUN and I’m very motivated to continue on to number 2 of 13 in 2013. Now on to some recent home projects.

It’s so interesting how you can stop really seeing things in your home. My husband and I have noticed that while we love our new home so much, we hardly notice all of the details we worked so hard to plan during the building process. One of my goals for 2013 is to continuously take time to be grateful for all we have.

Anyway, we have needed something, anything, in our upper hallway since we moved in. It’s EMPTY! But with so many empty spaces, I wanted to save our budget for more important spaces like our formal living room, family room and even kitchen accessories. Then, one day as I was getting our guest room (which is filled with random old ugly furniture) ready for my grandma’s Christmas visit, I saw a little bookshelf. 

This little bookshelf has been with me for YEARS. Since 3rd or 4th grade at least, as it was my great grandmother’s. I love its shape and how cute and small it is, but I don’t love the wood look. It hit me that I could easily just paint it and I decided not to feel guilty about painting wood because at least this way it would get good use.

To spend minimal $$$, I just picked up a Valspar paint sample at Lowes for $3. I chose Valspar secluded garden in the pre-mixed seasonal section. They also mix custom samples for the same price, so you could do a small piece of furniture on a very small budget. Spray painting is out of the question in Minnesota now, so with Bodhi visiting Grandma for the weekend, I started. It took all of about two hours with dry time and a second coat. So easy and I love the fresh new look. I’ll share the upper hall finished product soon. We still have a few things to hang up.

So, take a look around your house. You never know when you’ll find a gem.

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