Remember Miles’ second birthday I helped put together? Miles’ mom Lisa decided to forgo the detailed huge home party this year and instead focus on fun! She put together a lovely party perfect for toddlers at a splash pad and beach with a food truck, fun toys and ice cream, of course! The simplicity was perfect and the kids truly had the best time of their young lives. The only sad moment was when Lisa’s beautiful geronimo balloons with fringe popped before anyone arrived. Like everything else, Lisa quickly moved on and was just thrilled to have a beautiful hot day with friends and family.

And the most important party guest of all… the birthday boy. Miles loved every minute. Oh, and today is Miles’ mom and dad’s 5th wedding anniversary! Swing over to her Instagram and wish her a Happy Anniversary

Sand trucks and swimming and playing, oh my!

Lisa provided everything needed for beach fun! Blankets, toys, food, drinks, snacks, and a beautiful picnic area with blankets.

And cake time was hilarious! Here is why. While Lisa was gone grabbing something, the kids attacked it and none of us stepped in to stop them. I was busy taking photos and thought someone else would stop them, but not so much. As a party-planning mom, I cringed at first and then realized that this is the story! It’s so much better this way. Oh so much fun!

Yes, Bodhi was a part of this mess. :) Lisa handled it with grace and really let this party be a chill soiree with a focus on fun and the kids. I loved this.

Happy birthday to our little buddy Miles! This party definitely inspires me to think outside the party-planning box. Plus, who doesn’t love a food truck. The food was amazing and such a treat!

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