I am kicking myself for forgetting to take before photos for this post. Our mudroom has been in shambles for a full year. More than half of the floor was covered in shoes. The other half had amazon boxes that we hadn’t yet broken down, light fixtures that needed to be returned and others that came from the builder-they needed to be sold or dropped at Goodwill, light bulbs, stools, tools, grocery shopping bags and cleaning supplies.

All of it was just set there without a home, without a plan for where it would go, just to get it out of the way while real life happened in the rest of the house. Let’s just say this would’ve been the epitome of showing you our real life!

 I came across this post on I Heart Organizing and it hit home for me. We were always searching for sunscreen, bug spray, Bodhi’s shoes, sunglasses etc… Solving this issue would save us tons of time. For sure.

After a Sunday trip to Ikea with a toddler, which is a job in itself, we spent hours putting together shoe organizers and more.

I don’t know if I’ve shared before, but my in-laws live in an apartment attached to our home. This was a big reason why we moved into a new home that we built. It was a good option for the living situation we needed. They have their own entry, garage stall etc… so it is very separate, but because of this, B is often with them and they have to search our home to find these basics too.

If we all had a common place to grab things and put them back, it would save everyone time and frustration. And our mudroom happens to be the room they come into first when they enter our house from their house. Have I made my case?

Well, my husband and I were on a productive streak this weekend. We cleaned out the pantry and it’s AMAZING. Not like Pinterest cute amazing, but organized and clean amazing. When it was raining on Sunday morning, we decided that we had thought long enough and hard enough and it was time to pull the trigger on fixing up our mudroom—a room we use every day but that is the biggest eye sore and such a cluttered mess.

So we tackled the entire thing on Sunday. I’ll take some photos to share more with you soon including the wall art, adult hooks, a large room shot and the Ikea Pax wardrobe we added to act as a closet for our brooms, vacuum, mops, paper towels etc… To do it with my portrait lens (the only lens I own), I have to stand outside and it’s been raining in Minnesota during the past few days.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at our mudroom and those teeny tiny rain boots! My close friend got him those for his birthday and he wears them everyday whether it’s raining or not.

I made decisions for this room by addressing the issues, rather than my wants. I made a list of all of the items that needed homes and began searching for storage for those things specifically. I had to practice restraint as I saw adorable options that just didn’t address our specific clutter. Then I measured and planned.

I also came up with a list that I consider essential for your main entry space, whether it’s the garage, the mudroom, a little nook near your front or side door or just in a drawer:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen, bug spray and any other outdoor necessities
  • Bubbles-we have several bottles of bubbles. If they are in one spot, we can always remember them.
  • Keys
  • Diapers, swim diapers and/or wipes
  • Towels-I love the idea of having them folded cute, but due to space limitations, ours will be hanging on hooks
  • Shoes-this is obvious, but when I went to find all of Bodhi’s shoes yesterday to put in our new shoe chest, I found them in four different rooms. FOUR.
  • Sun hats or baseball caps
  • Sweatshirts and rain jackets
  • An “out the door bag.” I keep one bag filled with necessities. Our current needs are diapers, wipes, swim diaper, swim trunks, snacks and water-I have a water bottle, a pouch for Bodhi and two granola bars that I consider healthy enough for Bodhi. This way we can quickly get out and have what we need without spending a ton of time getting ready to go.
  • Umbrellas

This is going to serve us well this summer when we are constantly running in and out of the house between the baby pool, sandbox, our mini at-home splash pad and the house. I can’t wait to use this room as a real mudroom.

Just a reminder-please consider voting for us in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Party Planning Moms list for 2013. Thank you so much for your time!

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