We are heading to Florida for a few days for a much needed family vacation. It’s our first as a family of three. We’ve traveled together before, but I wouldn’t call it a vacation. This trip will be filled with good food, sand, sand, more sand, swimming, beach walks, shelling, bike rides and more.

We’ll be visiting Captiva Island near Fort Myers, Florida and we’ll stay at South Seas Island Resort.

Parents Magazine rated Captiva and South Seas Island Resort number three on their list of Best Family Beach Vacations, so hopefully it will be toddler-approved. B will be here in a couple of weeks with his review. ;)

Bodhi is a very active guy, but he is at an age where we can communicate well with him so traveling is a lot less stressful. He loves snacks, playing games, drawing, coloring, looking out the window and talking about it and worst case scenario, we will have a movie available on my laptop or our iPhones. I’m actually feeling very calm about this trip vs. the last time I traveled with an 18-month-old. Those 6 or 7 months make a huge difference.

The only negative. Delta Airlines doesn’t currently have an option for the three of us to sit together. Does this frustrate you as much as it does me? Both times we’ve traveled now, there hasn’t been a way to get all three of us together, even after calling the airline and explaining that we have a toddler with a limited attention span. I guarantee no other adult traveler is going to want to be the one sitting with B and one of us. Minor details though, right?!

We’re off on a fun little family adventure. Cheers to warm summer days!

I may or may not take a few days off from blogging next week too. Have a lovely week!

All photos courtesy of South Seas Island Resort. I was in no way compensated for this post. I just wanted to share our plans. 

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