Our holiday home

2015 was a big year for me professionally and a joyful year for me personally. I wanted to share a few highlights with you.


I started 2015 off with two goals.

One was to start working with professional photographers on more of my styled editorial shoots for Live the Fancy Life and for other publications. I was able to make that happen many times in 2015 thanks to brands understanding the value that is added with professional photos. I hope to do this even more in 2016.

The other thing I shared early in 2015 with close professional groups was that I wanted to focus more on home design and decor and that it was a dream for me to do a room with a brand. In 2015, I’m so proud to say that we worked with brands on three rooms in our house. Check out our laundry room, guest room and office!

So, from January through December, here are a few of our highlights.

We worked with a great company on our laundry room.

A bright mint and marble laundry room makeover with Carpet One

Our laundry room was featured on I Heart Organizing.

A bright mint and marble laundry room makeover with Carpet One

I lost the rest of my baby weight between June and October and made exercise a daily part of my life. While the weight loss is nice, I have so much mental clarity from exercise. Left: 8 days postpartum. Photo by Leah Fontaine. Middle: Ezra’s 1st birthday party, just days before I set out to lose the last 20 pounds. Right: November. Last two photos by Melissa Oholendt Photography.

Postpartum weight loss

We took the boys to Disney World in June. It was so much fun!

I went on a girls weekend, leaving both boys for the first time over night.

We worked with Sauder on our guest room and now it’s a cozy little sanctuary for our guests.

LTFL Guest Room (25 of 25)

I was a guest on The Lively Show, sharing my 10 truths for contentment.


I worked with Nautica on our office.

Live the Fancy Life home office, professional blogger home office

My husband and I took an anniversary trip to Hawaii and I learned that vacation makes us grateful for our normal simple everyday lives.


I spoke at the Minnesota Blogger Conference!

Our blog pageviews grew by 25% over 2014. That’s huge! We had nearly 100,000 more page views than 2014. Thank you so much!

I found that going through these things made me so grateful for the life I get to live. And while these highlights are wonderful, life isn’t a highlights reel. It’s made up of those everyday moments that can’t truly be captured in a blog post or a photo. Those things are what matters most, but it’s also nice to take a look back. Have you tried looking back at last year and taking a moment to be grateful for all the you have and all that happened? It’s so encouraging.

What’s next?!

In 2016, I have some big goals and some fun opportunities. And I’m also looking forward to just being sometimes. In my career, I’m so excited to share that I’m headed to Salt Lake City and will be speaking at Altitude Summit in two weeks! And I’m thrilled to announce that I’m an ambassador for Mars in 2016. I will be working with Mars for the next six months on tons of fun entertaining ideas. I’m so grateful for these opportunities. You can see my work with Mars on our fall harvest post and our Halloween Boo party post. I also worked with Mars a couple of years ago on this fun one.

I want to encourage you to say your goals, hopes and dreams out loud to someone. Or write them down. I don’t know how or why I was able to land some of the partnerships I did this year, but they perfectly aligned with everything I was trying to do. I really believe that putting it out there and having others give it a bit of positive energy can make change.

For me, 2016 is the year of rest (and hopefully sleep such as sleeping through the night. I haven’t done that in two plus years), peace and being grateful. It’s the year of saying yes to what matters and no to everything else. It’s the year of embracing what comes with open arms. What is your 2016 all about? Thank you for being here friends! Truly!

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