My blog buddy Tiffany recently asked me if I was going to share some of B’s room as we make the transformation. While I’ve never done that before, I thought it was a great idea. Why wait to do some kind of silly “reveal” when you can share your decorating challenges along the way? Right?

We are in a good place when it comes to shopping. I’m pretty much done and we are right around our budget for the room. We wanted to use things we had as much as possible and have done that and Ikea always comes through when it comes to finding a few cute accessories and some necessities at a good price.

Plus Ikea is always good at challenging marriages, right? My husband and I rocked this bed! That sounds terrible. We did an excellent job working together on this bed. Ummm… Building this Ikea Hemnes daybed out of a million pieces did not cause any irritability or fighting like Ikea products sometimes can. And the bed has turned out to be absolutely perfect for our current sleep situation.

I can definitely see the room coming together. It looks so much better already. And now it’s time for the hard work. The do-it-yourself stuff.

I still plan to do the following:

  • Gallery wall with some amazing art and objects. I’m going to share details about one of the pieces soon. I need to spray paint some frames and find some cheapy frames at a thrift store before I’ll be ready for this.
  • Paint the white airplane’s propeller and mount the airplane. I want the airplane to feel more modern, so watch for a pop of color there.
  • Figure out wall-mounted book shelves of some sort. I found a very modern affordable option that I can’t wait to share.
  •  Find a wall-mounted plug-in sconce for the reading corner.
  • Paint a side table that I found on Craigslist.
  • Paint an existing lamp and buy or make a lamp shade.
  • Find hardware for the drawers on the bed.
  • Paint the bed…eventually! That feels like too big of a project right now, so I’ll probably show you the room before I get that accomplished.
  • Install light fixture. We ordered one from the Young House Love collection, but it’s on backorder for a long long time! We may get it by mid-April.

More to come.