Valentine's Day finds for little ones

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. My husband and I don’t tend to celebrate much for this “holiday” but I think it’s fun with kids.

Like most things, there are WAY more “girly” Valentine’s Day things than choices for boys. I am planning to post some cute outfits for boys and girls soon and the options for boys are beyond limited while girls have a HUGE variety of styles, colors and fun choices. But, such is the life of a boy-mama.

Today I’m sharing a few fun and LOVE-ly finds for little ones for Valentine’s Day. My favorite is definitely the cute little card kit as Bodhi is currently sewing pretty regularly in preschool and would love this.

Valentine’s Day pajamas This is one of our favorite brands, but we rarely splurge on them. I love the Valentine’s prints.

Heart baseball cap This gender neutral option is one of the few things I found that I could definitely put on my boys with a cute baseball tee for Love day!

LOVE blanket This one comes in blue as well and I love the soft feel of everything from Little Giraffe.

Heart stocking cap This is so simple and so sweet.

Valentine’s Day “Sew Lovely” card set I already mentioned that this is the perfect little set for preschool aged children.

Heart pacifier clip A fun little accessory for Valentine’s Day and all through the year.

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