As a part of Bodhi’s gallery wall, I knew I wanted to include a canvas of him in Washington D.C., the first trip he ever took via airplane, but ordering a big expensive canvas (or even a small one) wasn’t in the budget.

I received a pack of fabulous supplies from a The Blueprint Social campaign including Plaid’s new Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. While I literally had more than 10 ideas in my mind on how to use this product, I knew that finishing up Bodhi’s gallery wall was high priority and I thought I had the perfect photo in this shot of him at the Lincoln Memorial walking looking/walking towards the Washington Monument. 

What you need

  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
  • Canvas-I used a 5×7 canvas with a 4×6 print. I recommend using the same size photo and canvas after my experience. It would just look better. I got a pack of four canvases at Michaels for $3.99 plus I used a coupon. Great deal!
  • Photo printed out on plain printer paper
  • scissors
  • foam brush (it comes with the photo transfer medium)
  • sponge


1. First, I took a color photo from our trip to Washington D.C. and edited it to be a black and white photo. I envisioned a dated/slightly vintage looking canvas rather than a bright one. Then I printed it out  as a 4×6 on plain paper. Photo paper and card stock do not work.

2. Cut out the image.

3. Squirt out some of the Photo Transfer onto the printed side of the photo.

4. Use a sponge brush to spread the Transfer Medium all over the photo, but be sure it is still fairly thick. You want it to be all white.

5. Place your photo paper down on the canvas with the Mod Podge touching the canvas.

6. Starting in the middle, spread your finger or a popsicle stick from middle to the edge to help release air bubbles and thick goopy spots.

7. Let it dry for 24 hours.

8. After 24 hours, press a wet sponge on the canvas until the whole photo is pretty wet. Squeeze out the sponge to release the water and use the sponge to rub the paper off of the canvas. Keep doing this until all of the paper film is gone.

Let it dry and voila! You have a lovely canvas for just a few dollars.

This works with color photos as well. I’m going to be placing this on an Ikea Ribba picture ledge along with several objects and other art as a part of Bodhi’s big boy room gallery wall which is getting closer and closer to complete all the time, but there is still so much to do.

You can find Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium at Michaels.

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This post was written as part of a campaign with The Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own.

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