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GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs are the new way to light and are perfect for a dark room like our shared playroom/guest room. Besides the fact that they last much long and are not hot to the touch (important for a child’s play space), I love the clean light that these emit and LED power. And after using the Energy Consumption Calculator, I feel good about the long-term savings of using these bulbs.

Our combined playroom guest room is something we started a few months ago when we knew we needed to convert the old playroom to a nursery. While I had some big ideas, I also knew that I needed to use things we already owned for this room including DIY art and decor and items from Bodhi’s birthday party.

And since we have a new house, there wasn’t a ceiling light fixture in what is a very dark room with almost no natural sunlight. 

My goal in the room was to add a lot of organization and brighten it up a bit without spending money. All of the furniture was repurposed from other rooms.

B’s little dress-up area is so simple yet such an improvement from what was there before. But, the room was still just dark. So dark. I knew that with the right fixture, the GE Energy Smart bulbs would make a huge difference in the lamps and fixture in this room.

After considering several options, I came up with the easiest DIY light fixture ever to finish up our room for under $25 including the GE LED Energy Smart light bulb.

We had an old IKEA light fixture sitting in our garage that I wanted to do something with, but the style fit our old house, not this one. I pulled apart the entire fixture which left me with the basics-the electrical wires, the ceiling plate and the spot to connect the decorative element. Please note that I did not remove anything related to the function of the fixture, just the shade/decorative part. I love the look of drum shades and especially like the light they give off.

After thinking on it a bit, I decided to use a plain drum shade that you can buy anywhere and add ribbon stripes to make this a playful light for our playroom. I got mine at IKEA.


  • Old functioning light fixture
  • Lamp shade
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Hot glue gun or fabric glue
  • Glue sticks or fabric glue
  1. Cut ribbon pieces to fit all the way around the drum shade you have purchased. We used four pieces.
  2. Glue one end of the ribbon where the drum shade seam begins.
  3. Attach the ribbon.
  4. Pull the ribbon tight around the shade.
  5. Add hot glue at the end or the other side of the seam and press the ribbon to the glue. If you are using fabric glue, you could glue the entire way around. Hot glue dries too quickly so it may not lie smooth.
  6. Repeat this process with each ribbon.
  7. When complete, straighten out each ribbon.
  8. Attach the shade to your light fixture.
  9. Hang the light fixture if you have experience or hire an experienced electrician to install the fixture.
  10. Place your GE Energy Smart light bulb inside and turn on the power and light switch.
  11. That’s it! Enjoy beautiful clean light.

I actually added the GE Energy Smart light bulbs to all of the lamps in the room. I was loving how much brighter the room felt and I love that the bulbs save energy and last longer. One LED Bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs and uses 80% less energy

Do you have lighting challenged rooms like we did?

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