We hosted a dinner party on behalf of my husband’s parents Friday night just hours after I cohosted a bridal shower for a fabulous colleague.  We had a huge crowd of fun people, a LOT of food (my in-laws cater Sri Lankan food), beautiful decor and overall good company.

We also surprised my father-in-law with a birthday cake and “happy birthday” sung by his closest friends. I failed to get a photo of any of the cake festivities, but I promise the cake was beautiful and delicious!

The photos are not great at all! It was dark and natural light is the only thing that gives me a chance at creating a beautiful photo, but enjoy anyway! And check out my post on using ribbon as decor which was used at this party.

The decor above greeted guests. The flowers were from the Minneapolis Farmers Market. So beautiful and so inexpensive!

And one more, just because the flowers are sooo pretty!

I love using candles to light a room. It’s flattering light. Here is a view of the room with candle light before the house filled up!

Here are a few photos with the guests of honor visiting from California. Photo credit goes to Nadhini (Second from left). Thanks Nadhini!

And last but not least, us with our guests!

Live the fancy life