A fun holiday gift for creative kids

The holiday season is in full force. Finding the perfect holiday gifts can be hard when our kids have it all. Bodhi is four. He loves sitting down at the table and working on things. He colors, writes, draws and builds things. Creative artsy projects are where it’s at for him.

Bunchems for holiday fun

We received a Bunchems Mega Pack, fun colorful little round building blocks that stick to each other like no other, to try out. You can squish, connect and create so many things with them. Bodhi, my animal lover, chose animals and monsters. They stick and stay, but then pull apart easily for new creations.

creative artsy holiday gifts

Bodhi’s first creation was a snowman. Then an alien. Then a teddy bear. Then a monster. Together we made a fairy and giant snake. The pack comes with fun accessories like eyes, wings, legs and more. They are really fun to connect, twist around and just create. And after school, in the darkness of these winter nights, we need fun activities like this.

artsy gifts

Bunchems are only intended to be stuck to other Bunchems and they should be played with under parental supervision. These are intended for children four and older. I know that there have been a lot of articles going around showing these stuck in hair. We didn’t have that problem at all. Most children four and older, who are told about the directions, won’t put these in their hair, but if they do, please view the video provided by Bunchems.

artsy holiday gifts

Overall, these have been a fun addition to our creative art drawer.

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