A Coffee Date: Their squishy cheeks and other thoughts on my growing children


Good morning and welcome to another Coffee Date here on Live the Fancy Life. Overall, life has been beautiful lately.

Our days are full but manageable, our boys are growing healthy and strong and I’m finding the parenting/working juggle to be a blessing. But the one thing that just doesn’t feel right is time. Time is tough. And watching my once tiny newborn baby turn into a toddler is giving me such joy and is also hurting my heart in some ways. And my big boy who was a toddler yesterday (right?) is seriously a little individual person! How did this happen?

A coffee date: Coming to peace with my growing children and time

But just like Winter turns to Spring (thank goodness), these boys are growing as they should. Finding the peace in that is really hard. I’m fairly certain that our family is complete with Bodhi and Ezra. My heart feels full. My body feels strong and I have a lot of energy even going on very little sleep. Things just feel right for our little family.

A coffee date: Coming to peace with my growing children and time

I’ll never say never, of course, but watching the baby who is likely my last, grow into a toddler is so different. I’m fully aware of how fleeting each moment truly is. After all, I saw Bodhi turn into this amazing human being who is literally my favorite person in the entire world to have a conversation with. I know babies don’t keep.

A coffee date: Coming to peace with my growing children and time

The thing I’ll miss most as these amazing little boys grow are their soft squishy cheeks. Last night before I put Ezra in the crib, I just kissed his perfect little cheeks over and over and over again. It made him smile and riled him up a bit, but it was worth it. And I quickly grabbed a cup of tea and joined my husband for the last seconds of Bodhi’s bedtime. His cheeks are still baby soft and I literally feel like eating them up. Do you get that way with your kids? How are their cheeks just so so so delicious?

Somehow, someway, I will come to find my peace.

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