I’m so excited to work with Cold Stone Creamery on this sponsored post. 

I know some people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s a “Hallmark holiday” but I love any excuse to celebrate in life. This year, with no babysitter and the big LOVE day on a Friday night, we have decided to stay in. Because, who isn’t tired after a long work week?

My husband and I are not new to the idea of having a date night at home, but I wanted to put together something extra special for our Friday night Valentine’s Day date night in after the kiddo goes to bed (Read all the way through. There is a sweet giveaway.).

And let me tell you, Cold Stone Creamery’s They Call it Truffle Love cake is the perfect dessert (and centerpiece) for this event.

I put together a sweet little table for two, a few decor items and one fabulous meal for my guy.

A few sweet and LOVE-ly details make it all a bit more festive.

This LOVE banner below was a very easy DIY project that I’ll be sharing soon. I also used “me” and “you” arrows to let my sweet hubby know where to sit.

It’s not hard to make Valentine’s Day at home a little special this year. I did it with a simple color palette of black, white, pink and wood. I didn’t want it to be too girly. :)

5 tips for an easy and special at-home date night (after the kids go to bed)

1. Decorate on the fly. Pull out some pretty candles and print off a free printable or two for the occasion. I grabbed “you are it” freebie for our buffet because I was going for a super simple, black, white, pink and wood setup. But, I love this “I love everything about you” printable too. I also added a pretty cake stand and the cake to the center of the table. The cake can be out for a good 15 minutes or so and is completely fine. I picked up a bunch of fun wood embellishments to decorate with and just wood-glued them to some craft sticks. I pulled down one of our wedding photos as decor and then I HAD to have some hot pink flowers. I picked up three stems of tulips and they were wild and stunning.

2. Create a few easy restaurant-like dishes for a special dinner. I chose to put together a cheese plate with bread, crackers, two kinds of “fancy” cheese, fig butter, marcona almonds and honey. Simple and delish! Plus it can be in the fridge until the kids go to bed. For dinner, we had gluten-free pasta with a really delicious alfredo sauce I found on Pinterest and loads of parmesan-roasted vegetables (cauliflower, tomatoes and asparagus). I prepared the sauce and vegetables in advance. That way I could just turn the sauce on low heat for a few minutes and heat up the vegetables in the oven for a few minutes while I cooked the noodles once B was asleep. We finished the evening with this beautiful Cold Stone They Call It Truffle Love cake. So good! It’s a red velvet cake and fudge truffle ice cream with chocolate shavings wrapped in a rich fudge ganache. OMG!

3. Make it special. I wrapped a couple of small gifts for my hubby and used the card as decor on the buffet. I also tried to make the place settings fun and sweet. I pulled out a bottle of bubbly (and made myself a juice spritzer). Wine glasses always make things a little special.

4. Plan for a really good movie or dance in your kitchen after dinner. My husband and I love impromptu dance parties with B, but it’s also very fun to dance with your hubby in your own home. Or grab a great movie and curl up in bed after dinner for a movie night.

5. Make the invite count. My husband and I used to surprise each other with date nights all the time. That’s actually the way he proposed to me too. So sweet. I love the idea of wrapping a box with a note inside inviting him to dinner at home at 8:30 p.m. (or after the kids go to bed). It would be cute to add this to his vanity, front seat of his car or on top of his work clothes in the morning.

To make it super easy on yourself, plan this in advance, but keep it simple.

If you are stuck at home on Valentine’s Day without a babysitter (which isn’t a problem, I promise), you can order a cake online at Ordering online will make your at-home date night planning even easier. Simply run inside, pick up the cake and head home.

And I have good news! Cold Stone Creamery is giving away a gift card for $25 at any Cold Stone location in the United States. Just use the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win by Wednesday at midnight. The winner will be announced on Thursday.

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