11 day dates with preschool kids

I’m over on the #mumboss podcast today asking a question for this week’s topic  and it may resonate with many of you. I met Rachel Maskell, the fabulous mama podcast superstar behind #mumboss, at Alt Summit and found her to be incredibly refreshing.

11 day date ideas with preschool kids

I highly recommend that any mama take a listen to today’s message.

Mumboss podcast

After listening the the podcast and taking it all in, I realized that there are many things I could do to get better quality time with my kids. If we’re at home, I can’t help but spend way too much time picking up, cleaning up, doing laundry and constantly feeding them. It never ends and I never get the kind of quality time I’d like with them.

11 day dates with preschool kids

I had lunch with Bodhi at his preschool today and the combo of “alone” time with Bodhi (even though his class was there) and the podcast really got me thinking. I decided to make a strong effort to get one on one time with each of my kids.

11 day date ideas with preschool kids

I love the idea of swapping with my husband, a recommendation that came straight out of today’s podcast. So every weekend, we each get two hours with one kid and we do something special. We swap kids weekend to weekend so we get two dates with each kid a month.

11 day date ideas with preschool kids

I know myself and know that I need a list of ideas to actually make it happen so began brainstorming things I’d enjoy doing with Bodhi and really, the list could go on forever, but I wanted to actually publish today so I limited myself to the odd number of 11.  Today I’m sharing 11 preschool day date ideas and I’ll be sure to come back with ideas for toddlers, infants and possibly even elementary school age children.

Here are 11 Day Dates to have with your preschooler this weekend. 

  1. Art date. Color Me Mine is located in the city we live in and has locations throughout the country. There are countless other art studios and art spaces where we can take our preschoolers for a day date.
  2. Movie theater afternoon. We rarely get to a movie theater with our without kids. I think Bodhi has been to maybe there movies at a movie theater in his nearly five years of life. An afternoon movie date with popcorn and mommy or daddy would be amazing for him and probably most preschool aged children.
  3. Sledding, tubing or skiing. With Ezra being a toddler, we haven’t done much serious sledding, tubing or skiing in a while. I was able to take Bodhi tubing last year for a couple of hours on my own and it was absolutely fantastic! A day date with an older sibling would be so well spent tubing and drinking hot cocoa reflecting on the fun that was had.
  4. Art museums. Preschool age kids are very capable of behaving in places like art museums. Going to a fairly kid-friendly museum won’t hurt through. We live in the Minneapolis area and both the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Institute of Arts are kid-friendly. A day date to either plus a fun afternoon snack would be a lovely Saturday!
  5. Restaurant hop. The city we live in has a fun Main Street area with shops and restaurants. I love the idea of grabbing dinner at one place, dessert at another and maybe even an appetizer somewhere else before the meal or hot cocoa at the end. Restaurant hopping in a space that is walkable will be an easy way to share a fun day or night with your kiddo.
  6. Take a cooking class. This one takes some planning. You could sign up for a class through your local community education, a local grocery store or restaurant or somewhere else. Some Whole Foods Market locations offer cooking classes. Every once in a while I see a kid-friendly option such as cake decorating, gingerbread house building or others.
  7. Go to the theater. A Children’s Theater show would be a fun and special day date with your preschooler. In Minneapolis, there are many great options from high schools and middle schools to theaters. I highly recommend Stages Theater and Children’s Theater. Matinees are often available at both locations.
  8. A “let them pick” day. There is probably a better name for this. My neighbor (HI ALEXA!!!) once let her child make a day plan. I can’t remember everything she picked and I believe each of her daughter’s had a day like this. One picked something like breakfast, Target, Justice and coffee? Another picked four or five completely different activities. Try to let it be all their choice. Don’t encourage or discourage anything and try to be open minded about how to spend the day.
  9. A bookstore or library. Grab a hot cocoa and peruse your local bookstore. Bodhi and I used to do this for hours until Mr. Ezra came along. We’ve been there a few times since he was born, but it certainly was easier to read to one child than it is to chase one, read to one, chase the other one again etc… We’ll do this again soon and it would make a great day with just Bodhi.
  10. The big name places. Take them somewhere big and fun. The zoo. Mall of America. A theme park. The Children’s Museum or just downtown for wandering and adventures.
  11. Farmer’s Market. I love the idea of getting breakfast and coffee at the farmer’s market in the summer, planning out meals with Bodhi and shopping for fresh produce together. This one is definitely on my list for summer.

Tell me. Do you take time for dates with your little ones? How do you make it work? What are your favorite dates with your preschoolers? I’ll be back with toddler ideas soon!

Photos courtesy of #mumboss and used with permission. Other photos by Melissa Oholendt Photography